Multifunctional Composite Materials Exhibiting Mechanical and Thermal Management Capabilities



报告题目:Multifunctional Composite Materials Exhibiting Mechanical and Thermal Management Capabilities

报告人:A/Prof. Akbar Khatibi (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)

报告时间201867日(周四)上午9 : 30-10 : 30


主办单位: 国际合作处、科协、机械结构力学及控制国家重点实验室、航空宇航学院


Increased interest in the research community has been focused on the development of new materials that could lead to reduction in energy consumption associated with thermal management systems. Multifunctional composites incorporating Phase Change Materials (PCMs) is one of the promising solutions to offer a good thermal management system. This presentation reports an experimental investigation on the mechanical and thermal properties of multifunctional composite laminates integrated with microencapsulated phase change materials. The different microstructures were created by incorporating microencapsulated phase change materials in glass-epoxy composites at weight fraction between 0 and 20 wt.%. To characterise the mechanical properties, tension, compression and flexural tests were conducted. The scanning electron microscope studies were used to investigate the damage mechanisms associated with these loading conditions. Thermal storage capability of the multifunctional composites was characterised using heat flux meters. The apparent heat capacity of the composites was linearly proportional to the concentration of microencapsulated phase change materials. Alternative design analysis resulted in an optimised laminate configuration with high thermal storage capability coupled with excellent mechanical properties.


Akbar Khatibi is an Associate professor at the School of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering & Aviation), RMIT University. His primary areas of teaching and research are structures, advanced composite materials, fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis of aerospace structures. Akbar joined RMIT University in 2011, and his professional experience includes working as the program manager for Master of Airworthiness and HDR manager of the discipline. In his academic research, he was involved as a chief investigator in several competitive research grants including those from ARC Discovery and Linkage schemes as well as ONR-USA.


报告题目:Design and characterization of acoustic metamaterials in water-like media

报告时间:201867日(周四)上午10 : 30-11: 00

报告人:PhD student Jingwen Zhao (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)


This presentation will report a study to investigate and develop acoustic metamaterials in water-like media by considering non-periodic and nonlinear structures using numerical methods. A comprehensive investigation to fully understand the effects of design parameters on the acoustic behavior of metamaterials is currently underway. A numerical methodology is being developed and the characteristics of acoustic metamaterials in water-like media are analysed. Using the validated numerical approach, the effects of non-periodical structures as well as material and geometrical nonlinearity of unit cells on broadening the bandgap frequency will be thoroughly studied. The applicability of the developed methodology on designing acoustic metamaterial structures such as waveguide and/or absorber in water-like media will be discussed.


Jingwen Zhao (PhD student in RMIT University) has completed her Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in 2013. She has worked in different industries as a Mechanical Engineer to design, optimize and update the equipment used in oil drilling sector. In 2016, Jingwen achieved the highest level in English language learning at RMIT and commenced her postgraduate studies afterwards.